Communication and rights awareness

The FRA is striving to improve the situation on the ground. It does this by raising awareness about fundamental rights among the general public and particular professions that play an important role in delivering or have an impact on our rights, such as teachers, media professionals, the police and legal practitioners.

In addition to printed publications and information stands at key events, the FRA makes full use of the wide range of online communication channels. This includes its website and social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

FRA publishes a monthly e-Newsletter to which one can subscribe at: FRA also offers the possibility for visitor groups to come to the agency and hear about fundamental rights inthe EU and about its work. For further information, contact

Materials to promote rights awareness

Excursion to the past - teaching for the future: handbook for teachers

The FRA produces materials that can guide professionals when they are working on fundamental rights issues. Examples include Excursion to the past – teaching for the future: Handbook for teachers (2011), which supports teachers providing Holocaust and Human Rights education, and the Media Diversity Toolkit developed together with the European Broadcasting Union, which serves to inform public sector broadcasters how to better reflect Europe’s diverse society when reporting on minority issues.

The FRA publishes a S’Cool Agenda for teenagers. It teaches basic facts about fundamental rights while also serving as a school calendar.

Policy makers, researchers, legal experts and the public can access the FRA Case law database, which contains a collection of national and European cases on fundamental rights questions.

Information about the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union

The agency publishes material about the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, such as the Charterpedia – an easy-to-use tool allowing users to find out more about the rights guaranteed in the Charter. The Charterpedia is a comprehensive collection of international, EU and national constitutional fundamental rights law, linked to the topics, titles and articles of the Charter, all readily accessible from the FRA website.

The FRA also developed a Fundamental Rights Charter app for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. The Charter app will be available for iPhone, iPad, iPadTouch and Android in November 2012.