Director's video blog

Join FRA Director, Michael O'Flaherty, as each month he explores some of the key fundamental rights challenges that urgently need addressing in the EU.


Standing up for Human Rights

Michael O'Flaherty focuses on ways to push back challenges to our human rights system.


Rights-based approach to ageing

In the latest edition of his video blog, FRA Director Michael O'Flaherty focuses on the importance of shifting perceptions towards a rights-based approach to ageing.

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Data protection

Michael O'Flaherty focuses on the challenges of delivering the right to privacy in a digitalised world.

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Michael O'Flaherty focuses on the situation of the Roma community living in the EU.

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Communicating rights

Michael O'Flaherty focuses on bolstering our human rights communications to underline why human rights matter to us all.

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Five migration issues that need urgent action

In this second edition Michael O'Flaherty talks about the protection of human and fundamental rights of migrants.

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Challenges facing civil society in EU

Michael O'Flaherty calls on us all to stand together in support of the civil society organisations working on human rights that too often are under threat in the EU.

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