About the FRP

The Fundamental Rights Platform (FRP) is FRA’s network of civil society organisations. Through this network, participant organisations can play an active role in FRA’s work. Organisations can apply to join the FRP by answering regular calls for participation.

With over 300 civil society organisations working on numerous fundamental rights issues across the EU, the FRP is the agency’s channel for cooperation and information exchange. Bringing together a diverse group of actors on the European, national, and local levels, it is a unique forum that allows a truly European debate on fundamental rights.

Through the FRP, civil society organisations are directly informed about the agency’s work, explore synergies with their activities, and provide valuable input into the FRA’s Annual Work Programme and Annual Report, helping to better tailor the agency’s work to the real needs of European citizens. 

What does the FRP do?

FRP participants:

  • get first-hand information about FRA’s work
  • provide feedback and suggestions for the agency’s Annual Work Programme and Annual Report
  • participate as stakeholders at different stages of FRA thematic projects
  • take part in the annual Fundamental Rights Platform meetings, which discuss issues of mutual concern and are also opportunities to share knowledge and become acquainted
  • regularly exchange information in the e-FRP, an online communication platform
  • elect an advisory panel that assists FRA’s director in coordinating FRP activities

Planned activities of the FRP for 2016

The overall aim of the workshop is to explore how best to step up cooperation between FRA and civil society. We will keep you informed about the outcomes of the workshop and the next steps. Please be informed that during the process of rethinking the FRP we will not accept any applications for FRP participation.

  • Fundamental Rights Forum (Vienna, June 2016)

    The first-ever Fundamental Rights Forum takes place in Vienna on 20-23 June. The Forum will bring together over 400 decision-makers and experts from EU governments, parliaments, international organisations, business, academia and civil society, including rights holders and their representatives, as well as media and professional groups. It will consist of a series of workshops and seminars running in parallel for three full days. (Please note that as a result, there will be no general FRP meeting this year.) The Fundamental Rights Forum 2016 is dedicated to the themes of Inclusion, Refugee Protection, and the Digital Age. If you have filled the FRP’s thematic mapping in 2015 and/or if you have been actively involved in FRA’s work in the past 18 months, you will receive a separate email inviting you to apply for participating in the Forum. To ensure a balanced mix of dedicated attendees from different backgrounds, FRA will make the final selection of invited FRP organisation based on the following criteria: thematic relevance (inclusion, refugee protection, digital age); statement of motivation; representation at EU/national/grassroots level; geographical spread.

  • Invitation of thematically relevant FRP participant organisations to FRA research project meetings (throughout the year)
  • Consultation on FRA’s Annual Work Programme (summer)
  • Consultation on FRA’s Annual Report (summer)
  • Continuous information (weekly Newsletter ‘InFRA’, FRA Facebook and Twitter accounts, FRA website)

Please contact frp@fra.europa.eu should you have any further questions.


Strategic framework for FRA - civil society cooperation

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