About the FRP

The Fundamental Rights Platform (FRP) is FRA’s channel for cooperation and information exchange with civil society organisations active in the field of fundamental rights at the national, grassroots, European or international level.

The FRP is a "mechanism of exchange and pooling of knowledge" created for facilitating a "structured and fruitful dialogue" amongst civil society organisations, between civil society organisations and the FRA, and between civil society organisations and other key players on human rights in the EU. FRA’s cooperation with civil society is defined in Art. 10 of its Founding Regulation, and is detailed in its Terms of Reference.

The Fundamental Rights Platform (FRP) is not a body of FRA, and there is no “membership”. Civil society organisations can register in the FRP database, for the purpose of developing a structured relationship and exchange of information with FRA. FRA cannot be held responsible for any acts or statements by organisations registered in the database. When registering for the FRP database, organisations commit themselves to the FRP’s code of conduct/Terms of Reference, in particular Art. 1 (3), including respecting and promoting fundamental rights, and to refraining from any conduct going against the fundamental rights of any person or group of persons, as are recognised by the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. For further information please contact the FRP team frp@fra.europa.eu.

FRA co-operates with:

  • non-governmental organisations dealing with human rights
  • trade unions
  • employers' organisations
  • relevant social and professional organisations
  • churches, religious, philosophical and non-confessional organisations
  • universities
  • other qualified experts of European and international bodies and organisations.

Types of FRP organisations

Methods of cooperation, dialogue and exchange of information include:

  • Information exchange (newsletters, reports, communicating through frp@fra.europa.eu, social media, etc).
  • Meetings: thematic meetings, Fundamental Rights Forum, Agency country visits, inviting FRA speakers to key events by civil society organisations, speaking at FRA events.
  • Contributing to FRA projects from beginning to end.
  • Consultations: on Agency work plans, on its annual Fundamental Rights Report and on FRA’s Multi-Annual Framework.
  • Communicating outcomes and recommendations of civil society conferences, seminars and meetings relevant to the work of the Agency to the Director and the Scientific Committee
  • Capacity building for civil society organisations, in particular in view of enabling appropriate ‘civic space’ and regarding the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights
  • Assisting FRA’s Director in coordinating FRP activities through the Platform’s Advisory Panel

Contact: frp@fra.europa.eu

Advisory Panel

The Advisory Panel supports FRA’s Director in the organisation and coordination of the FRP. The nature of the Advisory Panel is consultative - it has no representative role on behalf of the FRP or the FRA.

The Panel consists of a maximum of 11 full members, plus observers. Six of the full members are elected by the FRP organisations every two years in electronic elections (all registered organisations can vote and stand for elections), and up to five are appointed by the FRA Director, in order to ensure a wide diversity of types of organisations, thematic areas, gender balance, geographical representation, and international/EU, national and regional/grassroots levels. The Director can in addition appoint up to 3 observers from key civil society networks. Membership in the AP is for a period of up to three years, the term can be renewed once. The AP meets twice a year. For more details see the FRP Terms of Reference.

The elections to the new FRP Advisory Panel took place by electronic vote in 2017, and the new Panel took office in October 2017, with the nomination of Panel members by the FRA Director.

FRP Advisory Panel (in alphabetical order)

Name Position Organisation Country
BADA Rosa Board member Red Acoge Federation Spain
BUHUCEANU Florin Board member European Network on Religion and Belief (ENORB) EU / Romania
GUDIÑA CANICOBA Ángel Executive Secretary Don Bosco International EU / international
HADAD Nadia Board member European Disability Forum EDF EU / Belgium
HADZI-MICEVA EVANS Katerina Director European Centre for Not-For-Profit-Law (ECNL) EU / Hungary / United Kingdom
LAZALA Mauricio Deputy Director Business and Human Rights Resource Centre EU / international
LYNCH Phil Director International Service for Human Rights (ISHR) EU / international
McGOWAN Iverna Director Amnesty International, European Institutions Office EU / international
MUHAMMADI Yonous President Greek Forum of Refugees Greece
RURKA Anna President Council of Europe’s Conference of INGOs International
TODD Zara Director European Network On Independent Living (ENIL) EU / United Kingdom
EGENBERGER Vera Desk officer on migration and anti-racism policies Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund (DGB) - German Trade Union Confederation Germany
WEIL Heinz Former President Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE) EU
VAN RAEMDONCK Dan Secretary General International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) EU / international

Previous FRP Advisory Panels


FRP Advisory Panel meeting 9-10 November 2017 Meeting report

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Fundamental Rights Platform Terms of Reference October 2017

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