Advisory Panel elections

Advisory Panel elections on 21-22 June 2017.

The elections to the next Fundamental Rights Platform (FRP) Advisory Panel took place by internet vote on 21-22 June 2017. 464 organisations were eligible to vote, out of which 204 voted. There were 42 eligible candidates. The following six candidates received the highest number of votes (in alphabetical order):

Name Organisation
BADA Rosa Red Acoge Federation
GUDIÑA CANICOBA Ángel Don Bosco International
HADAD Nadia European Disability Forum
McGOWAN Iverna Amnesty International
MUHAMMADI Yonous Greek Forum of Refugees
TODD Zara European Network On Independent Living

The FRA Director will nominate up to five more Panel members, in order to ensure ‘balanced representation’(see FRP Terms of Reference Art. 5). The full composition of the new Advisory Panel will be communicated after this process.

For more information about the FRP, the Advisory Panel and the elections, please see the FRP Terms of Reference, in particular Articles 3 and 4.

About the Advisory Panel

As per the FRP Terms of Reference, the nature of the Advisory Panel is consultative. It provides advice to the FRA Director to aid the good functioning of the FRP, suggesting, where necessary, adjustments and improvements to processes and procedures, thus facilitating support in organising and coordinating the FRP.

The Advisory Panel consists of max. 11 full members, and up to 3 observers. Six of the full members are elected by the organisations within the FRP network, and up to five are appointed by the FRA Director in order to ensure balanced representation of groups listed in the Agency’ founding regulation (non-governmental organisations dealing with human rights; trade unions; employers' organisations; relevant social and professional organisations; churches, religious, philosophical and non-confessional organisations; universities). Special effort is made to ensure also thematic, gender and geographical balance and the diversity of international/EU, national and regional/grassroots levels.

Membership in the Panel is for a period of three years maximum. Each organisation can nominate one candidate only.

In order to be eligible for nomination, candidates have to:

  • fulfil all conditions listed under Article 1 (3) Terms of Reference;
  • hold a position with a high level of responsibility within their organisation;
  • have a knowledge of the functioning of FRA;
  • have a solid background and track record of working with civil society organisations and/or participating in civil dialogue processes with international networks and/or with grass roots organisations.
  • serve no more than two terms (a maximum of 6 years) in a row in the Advisory Panel.

Tasks of an Advisory Panel Member:

  • Provide advice to the FRA Director to aid the good functioning of the FRP
  • Attend biannual meetings, mostly in Vienna
  • Take part in regular conference calls
  • Support strategic cooperation with civil society organisations
  • Support with conceptualising FRA meetings with civil society
  • Advise and support on Agency’s consultations (work programme, annual report)
  • Liaise with FRP organisations
  • Comment on draft documents for FRP
  • Draft an end of term report to FRA, 3 months prior of end of mandate

Please note, travel and accommodation costs for AP/FRP related meetings are reimbursed. No other remuneration of Advisory Panel members is envisaged.


Template for CV and statement of motivation for candidates to the Advisory Panel elections

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Information notice to data subjects - FRP Advisory Panel elections 2017

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