The annual Fundamental Rights Platform meeting is the agency’s main event dedicated to cooperation with civil society organisation.

In 2015, there was no full meeting of the FRP. Instead, several smaller thematic meetings were organised.

In 2016, the first-ever Fundamental Rights Forum will take place in Vienna on 20-23 June. The Forum will bring together over 400 decision-makers and experts from EU governments, parliaments, international organisations, business, academia and civil society, including rights holders and their representatives, as well as media and professional groups. It will consist of a series of workshops and seminars running in parallel for three full days. (Please note that as a result, there will be no general FRP meeting this year.) The Fundamental Rights Forum 2016 is dedicated to the themes of Inclusion, Refugee Protection, and the Digital Age. FRP participant organisations which have filled the FRP’s thematic mapping in 2015 and/or which have been actively involved in FRA’s work in the past 18 months, receive an invitation you to apply for participating in the Forum. To ensure a balanced mix of dedicated attendees from different backgrounds, FRA will make the final selection of invited FRP organisation based on the following criteria: thematic relevance (inclusion, refugee protection, digital age); statement of motivation; representation at EU/national/grassroots level; geographical spread.

Traditionally, the meeting takes place in Vienna during the first half of the year, and is a unique forum for civil society organisations to discuss emerging fundamental rights issues in the EU. It aims to inform FRA about challenges and promising initiatives on the ground, and offers a number of opportunities to learn more about FRA’s activities, exchange knowledge of promising practices, and build new partnerships.