2nd annual meeting of the Fundamental Rights Platform, 5-6 May 2009, Vienna

The 2nd FRP meeting focusses on the draft FRA Annual Work Programme, the impact of the economic crisis on human rights and under-reporting by victims of human rights violations.

FRP meeting 2009 The Chair of the Management Board and the FRA Director opened the meeting and exchanged views with the participants on the three focus issues. Working Groups were then set up and participants were invited to express their suggestions and make recommendations on:

  • the FRA Annual Work Program 2011; and
  • ‘‘Under-reporting by victims of human rights violations: lack of awareness on where to report: what Civil Society Organizations and the FRA can do?'.

The second day was devoted to the appointment of an Advisory Panel/Contact Group and discussion on the timeline for next steps of the cooperation beween the Platform and the Agency.

Ms Beate Rudolf gave a presentation at the Management Board Meeting (29 May 2009) on the Platform suggestions for the FRA Work Programme 2011 and a report of the Second Fundamental Rights Platform Meeting.


Final Agenda of the second meeting of the FRP

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List of participants of the second meeting of the FRP

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Summary report of the second meeting of the FRP

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