3rd annual Fundamental Rights Platform meeting, 15 - 16 April 2010, Vienna

The meeting focused on three key themes: the human rights dimension of poverty and social exclusion; the Lisbon Treaty and its implications for the protection of fundamental rights; and the Agency's Work Programme 2012.

On 15-16 of April the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) welcomed around 150 representatives from non-governmental organisations dealing with human rights, trade unions, religious associations, employer associations, professional unions, academic and other qualified experts of European and international bodies and organisations to the Fundamental Rights Platform Meeting (FRP) - the Agency's key event of the year devoted to dialogue and cooperation with civil society.

During the meeting, the election of the new Advisory Panel was held and, amongst other topics, the future strategy of the cooperation between FRP and the FRA was discussed. The Fundamental Rights Platform is a network for cooperation and information exchange between the Fundamental Rights Agency and civil society.


Agenda - 3rd Fundamental Rights Platform Meeting

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3rd FRP meeting Summary Report prepared by the Advisory Panel

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Final report of the election of the new advisory panel

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Presentation of the Fundamental Rights Platform

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Evaluation of the First Advisory Panel - Speech of Pierre Barge

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Final report of the FRP 2010 meeting

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