Through the FRP, FRA consults civil society organisations annually on its Programming Documents and on its Annual Report on fundamental rights.

Organisations can also be consulted on ad hoc issues, or asked to provide input into specific projects. Beyond its own consultations, FRA stands ready to assist other EU institutions and bodies, to collect input from civil society via the FRP network.

Beyond the online consultations mentioned below, FRA regularly meets with key umbrella organisations, and uses these meetings to consult with organisations on issues of concern.

Ongoing consultations

There are no ongoing consultations.

Upcoming consultations

  • The FRP will be consulted on FRA’s programmatic note (work planning) on 2019 between June and September 2017.
  • The FRP will be consulted on FRA’s Annual Report 2018 in September 2018.
  • Selected FRP organisations will be interviewed for the FRA’s 2nd External Evaluation between April and June 2018.

Previous consultations