Consultation on FRA's Annual Report - Fundamental Rights: challenges and achievements in 2011

The consultation was conducted from June to September 2012 with the Fundamental Rights Platform in order to receive feedback for the FRA Annual Report 2011.

All organisations participating in the FRP were invited to provide their feedback and suggestions for the Agency’s Annual report 2011. 

Sixty four organisations responded to the consultation.  The total of 93% of all respondents assessed the overall quality of the Annual Report as good (51%) or excellent (42%).

More detailed feedback on the different sections of the report, its format and structure is summarised in the consultation report.

The summary of all contributions was presented to the FRA Management Board and fed into preparations of the next Annual Report.


Fundamental Rights Platform consultation on Annual report 2011 - Statistics presentation

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Consultation on FRA’s Annual report 2011: Summary of main results

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