Fundamental Rights Platform consultation (August – October 2011): Feedback and suggestions for the FRA Annual Report 'Fundamental Rights: challenges and achievements in 2010'

A consultation was conducted from August to October 2011 with the Fundamental Rights Platform in order to receive feedback for the FRA Annual Report 2010

All organisations participating in the Fundamental Rights Platform were invited to provide their feedback and suggestions for the Agency's Annual Report 2010. The consultation was carried out from 15 August to 1 October 2011.

Twenty four organisations responded to the consultation. From them, nearly 90% of all respondents considered the Annual Report excellent (17%) or good (71%) quality. More detailed feedback on the different sections of the report, its format and structure is summarised in the consultation report.

The summary of all contributions was presented to the FRA Management Board and fed into preparations of the next Annual Report.


Individual contributions:

DISCLAIMER: Please note that the comments published hereafter have been received from third parties and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of FRA. Individual responses are only published of those organisations that specifically agreed to make their input public.