How to participate

Please be informed that FRA is not currently accepting applications for FRP participation due to an ongoing revision of the FRP structures. The envisaged changes will enable FRA to work more closely with civil society organisations. Once the necessary structural enhancements are in place, information about how to participate in the platform will be communicated on this page.

Civil Society Organisations which participate in the work of the Fundamental Rights Platform have accepted the overall Code of Conduct and:

  • are based in one of the EU Member States;
  • are unreservedly committed to respecting fundamental rights as enshrined in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and the European Convention of Human Rights, and to working for their advancement, protection and promotion;
  • have specific expertise, proven experience and capacity with regard to the protection and promotion of these rights;
  • are committed to engage in a respectful and fruitful dialogue with the other participants in the Platform and to contribute to an overall efficient functioning of the FRP;
  • are able to demonstrate that their programme of work is of direct relevance to the work of FRA;
  • are representative in the field of their competence at the national, regional, European or international level;
  • have the ability and capacity to act as a link between their own constituencies, national and European networks and the Platform;
  • are able and willing to raise awareness of the fundamental rights issues addressed by the FRA;
  • are able, for the sake of transparency, to provide the FRA on request with detailed information regarding their organisational structure and financial resources.



Code of conduct for the participants of the Fundamental Rights Platform

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Information to data subjects for the call for participation in the Fundamental Rights Platform (FRP)

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FRP selection - internal procedures

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