Cooperation activites

This page gives information on recent cooperation activities, such as joint meetings, participation in trainings and seminars, with national human rights bodies. The aim of these activities is to exchange information and improve cooperation on the Agency’s tasks.

FRA - Equinet – ENNHRI meeting on communication (Vienna, 14 May 2014)

In May, FRA, Equinet (European Network of Equality Bodies) and ENNHRI (European Network of National Human Rights Institutions) organised together a meeting on maximising the impact of the respective organisations’ work through effective communication at national and European levels.

The meeting focussed on how to use existing communication channels better and finding new ways of cooperating and mutually supporting each other in communicating fundamental rights. The meeting also provided opportunities for peer learning and the exchange of good practice.

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Strengthening fundamental rights protection together in a changing human rights landscape (Vienna, 7-8 October 2013)

100 participants from 36 European countries representing national human rights institutions, equality bodies and Ombudsmen, as well as the UN and the OSCE’s Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights took part in a meeting in Vienna on 7-8 October 2013. The joint meeting between FRA, the Council of Europe, the European Network of NHRIs (ENNHRI) and the European Network of Equality Bodies (Equinet) focused on how the current economic situation has an impact on fundamental rights protection and on national institutions with a human rights remit.

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