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Criminalising solidarity

United Kingdom
Europolitics: This week we celebrate International Migrants Day [18 December] and International Human Solidarity Day [20 December]. However, there exists a growing trend among EU member states that undermines this display of international unity: the criminalisation of those who express solidarity with migrants in need...In March this year, the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) highlighted how solidarity with undocumented migrants is criminalised and penalised in many EU member states and emphasised the urgent need for fundamental rights safeguards to protect non-profit humanitarian assistance in the region...

Fundamental rights at airports: border checks at five international airports in the European Union Summary

Report summary
This summary, and the related full report, look at how fundamental rights obligations translate into practical border management tasks. The report points out challenges as well as promising practices of integrating fundamental rights compliance into operational tasks that do not compromise but instead enhance the effectiveness of border checks.

Of guns and ballot boxes

United Kingdom
The Economist: FOR many Jews, it was a weekend of double horror in Brussels. On May 24th a gunman entered the Jewish Museum in the Sablon and opened fire with a Kalashnikov, killing four people. The next day, the first results of the European elections flashed up on a giant screen showing that far-right parties, including avowed neo-Nazis, had scored big electoral victories. ... To many European Jews, the idea is preposterous. Yet thoughts of leaving are not far below the surface. Returning to the Promised Land is at the heart of Jewish tradition and modern Zionism. A survey last year by the European Union’s Fundamental Rights Agency showed that nearly a third of Jews had considered leaving in the previous five years because they did not feel safe. Three-quarters felt that anti-Semitism was worsening, with the situation in Hungary and France especially bad…

FRA to give evidence on VAW at UK Parliament human rights committee

On Wednesday 7 May, FRA will give evidence to the UK Parliament's Joint Committee on Human Rights, which is holding its second oral evidence session in connection with its inquiry into violence against women and girls. FRA will answer questions on its survey of violence against women, the results of which were published in March this year.


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