5th annual meeting of the Fundamental Rights Platform

The 5th FRP meeting focused on cooperation between National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs), equality bodies and civil society in the area of victims' rights; and explored how we can best address multiple discrimination.

A panel debate on victims' rights stressed the importance of mutual understanding and respect for the different roles each actor plays and called for more collaboration. Discussions on multiple discrimination highlighted promising practices, but also recognised legal as well as practical challenges that still exist. In addition to the two plenary themes, over 40 interactive workshops, hosted by FRP participants and FRA project managers, discussed a wide range of fundamental rights issues and provided a valuable opportunity to exchange experiences and learn from each other.

Six members to the Advisory Panel 2012-2013 of the FRP were also elected during the meeting.

The meeting brought together over 180 civil society organisations from across the EU and was a unique opportunity to engage and strengthen dialogue with the FRA and other NGOs on issues of shared concern. Representatives from NHRIs, equality bodies, ombudspersons as well as other EU agencies (EIGE, FRONTEX) and international organisations (Council of Europe, OSCE-ODIHR) took part in the meeting.

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Welcome address to the FRP by Morten Kjaerum

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Welcome address to the FRP by Ilze Brandis

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Speech by Ylva Tiveus to the FRP 2012

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Closing speech by Morten Kjaerum to the FRP 2012

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5th annual meeting of the FRP - Meeting report

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