Joint FRA and Mauthausen Memorial Workshop “Training of guides”

The Project Holocaust and Human Rights Education (2006-2012), implemented by the Agency, will facilitate training of guides at the Memorial Mauthausen. The training will bring together lessons learned from research, stakeholder engagement and other activities of the project. This is the final activity of the project.

The vast majority of groups visiting a memorial site have time for no more than the basic tour of the site. This means that they will not make use of any additional activity the site has to offer, interesting as they may be. This reality leads to the conclusion that resources need to be invested mainly in developing an appropriate site tour. Sites invest a great deal in developing exhibitions, but hardly in developing pedagogical methods for the basic tour of the sites' topography and human rights education. But it is this topography and learning universal lessons for the future, which draws people to these places. Viewing of exhibitions and monuments need appropriate methods, aiming at moral reflection, historical understanding and learning about human rights.   


FRA and Mauthausen Memorial Workshop “Training of guides” - Agenda

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