Level Title Institution Country Description
National Human Rights in Health Care: A framework for local action Department of Health & British Institute for Human Rights United Kingdom


Explains why and how human rights are relevant to health care and makes references to compliance with Human Rights law, as for example the Human Rights Act.

Local, Regional Policy rule, Participation & Citizenship, subsidies 2007 – 2010 on the basis of the Subsidy Bye-law Municipality of Rotterdam Netherlands


It is a part of the broader Participation Policy of the municipality. It indicates the implementation of regulations such as the formal criteria that a subsidy application has to comply with, application for subsidy with established forms etc.

National Matching Practice with Principles, Human Rights Impact Assessment: EU Opportunities Humanist Committee on Human Rights Netherlands


The Netherlands Humanist Committee on Human Rights (HOM) has explored ways in which Human Rights could be made an effective instrument and so improve the quality of European Union policies.

EU, National EU Charter of Fundamental Rights European Commission

The website provides the full text of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights as well as information about why the Charter exists, when it applies and how it became part of the EU Treaties. 

EU Towards an EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child European Commission

This communication describes the situation of children’s right in the EU and globally as well as the legal basis for the creation of an EU Strategy.

EU Report on the situation of fundamental rights in the European Union (2009) – effective implementation after the entry into force European Parliament - Committee on civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs


Describes the new post Lisbon architecture in the context of the European Union and the institutions implementing as well as the main challenges of the new era.

EU Making a Reality of the Charter of Fundamental Rights EU - Committee of Regions

The report acknowledges the significance of the local actors in the successful implementation of human rights (in reference to the implementation of the Charter of Fundamental Rights), while making specific reference to ‘joined-up governance’ as the means to ensure the effective coordination of supranational, national, regional and local levels of decision-making and power.

EU Assessment of the implementation of the European Commission Recommendation on active inclusion: A study of national policies. European Commission


The European Network of Independent Experts on Social Inclusion reviews the implementation of the 2008 Active Inclusion Recommendation in Member States and presents practical and wide-ranging suggestions as to how to make it more effective to build a more inclusive and more social Europe.

International Reports by the Commissioner for Human Rights on country visits Council of Europe International

Visits aim at pursuing a direct dialogue with the authorities. After the visit, a report may be published, containing conclusions and relevant recommendations to help redress shortcomings. In 2008, the full cycle of broad-ranging assessment visits was completed. All 47 member states have now been visited for the purpose of a comprehensive human rights appraisal. The Commissioner is currently carrying out more targeted country visits, some of which may relate to crisis situations and human rights in conflict areas.

International, National Council of Europe List of Human Rights Instruments Council of Europe International

Provides information regarding the status of all the Treaties relating to Human Rights that have been adopted by the Council of Europe as well as summaries and full texts of the Treaties.