Level Title Institution Country Description
International IBP’s Partnership Initiative (PI) International Budget Partnership International

The IBP’s Partnership Initiative (PI) – funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – seeks to enhance the impact of budget work in selected countries in sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The PI is focused on developing or strengthening the work of over 35 civil society organizations (CSOs) to analyze budgets, monitor government programs, and increase the positive outcomes of public budgets
on poor communities in their countries

International Gender Budgeting as a tool for safeguarding women’s health Council of Europe - Committee on equal Opportunities for Women and Men International

Gender budgeting is an application of gender mainstreaming in the budgetary process. It means a gender-based assessment of budgets, incorporating a gender perspective at all levels of the budgetary process and restructuring revenues and expenditures in order to promote gender equality.

International Gender budgeting: practical implementation - Handbook Council of Europe - DG of Human Rights and Legal Affairs International

The Handbook engages with gender budgeting at different levels of government and answers different questions on the topic such as what is and how to do gender budgeting.

International Marginalised Minorities in Development Programming – A UNDP Resource Guide and Toolkit Joint Initiative between United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), UN Independent Expert on Minority Issues & Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) International

This Resource Guide & Toolkit clarifies the conceptual issues and fundamental principles on the promotion and protection of minorities; the standards to engage them and increase their opportunities for participation and representation in development processes.

International Gender responsive budgeting United Nations Development Fund for Women International

Gender-responsive budgeting (GRB) is government planning, programming and budgeting that contributes to the advancement of gender equality and the fulfilment of women's rights. It entails identifying and reflecting needed interventions to address gender gaps in sector and local government policies, plans and budgets. GRB also aims to analyze the gender-differentiated impact of revenue-raising policies and the allocation of domestic resources and Official Development Assistance.

International Budgeting for Women’s Rights: Monitoring Government Budgets for Compliance with CEDAW United Nations Development Fund for Women International



This report provides a framework for applying a rights-approach to budgets from a gender perspective that defines the requirements of good budget performance in the planning, formulation and execution stages. It also details the elements that require a critical assessment of budget policy making processes, the appropriateness of budget allocations, and the standard principles for non-discriminatory economic and budgets policies.

International Budget Analysis to Advance the Right to Food: “Many a slip…” United Nations - Food & Agriculture Organisation (FAO) International

This handbook highlights the vital role of the budget in order to implement sufficient policies to ensure the right to food for everybody.