Stakeholder consultation: Violence against Women

Stakeholder consultation meeting on
Stakeholder consultation meeting on
The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights will be conducting in 2010-2011 an EU-wide survey on Violence against Women. The project will collect primary data on violence against women by interviewing a random sample of women across the EU. This data is necessary for the development at the EU, regional and national level of legislation and policies which are designed to tackle gender-based violence.

The FRA will hold a networking meeting with key stakeholders on the 3rd and 4th of June 2010 in Vienna. The main objectives of this meeting will be the following:

  • What are the established and emerging forms of VAW that could be asked about in the survey?
  • Which priority issues should be addressed in a survey of VAW in the EU?: looking for common core issues, and identifying areas that should not be excluded from the survey;
  • How can the study address the needs of policy makers and other beneficiaries - how can the results be used and in what form would they be useful?

Participants will be asked to refer to examples from their own working experience, and will be asked about the needs they have or envisage with respect to research-based evidence on VAW.  

Participants of the stakeholder consultation on    Participants of the stakeholder consultation meeting on   Participants of the stakeholder consultation meeting on