Council of the EU expresses appreciation of FRA’s role and work

The Council of the EU has praised the role and the work of the FRA in raising awareness about the application of the Charter of Fundamental Rights.

In the Council conclusions on the 2011 report from the Commission on the Application of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights adopted on 26 June, the Council noted:

"The data collected by the Fundamental Rights Agency on specific thematic topics and opinions given in accordance with its mandate remain an important tool for the EU institutions and its Member States in many matters related to the implementation of EU law. The Council appreciates the role of the Agency in raising awareness about when the Charter applies and about where to turn to when fundamental rights have been violated, including through the further development of its dedicated Charterpedia web-database and application."

"Bearing in mind the invitation made in the Stockholm Program, the Council encourages all EU institutions and the Member States to make full use of the expertise of the Agency and to consult with the Agency, where appropriate and in line with its mandate, on the development of legislation and policies with implications for fundamental rights. Furthermore, the Council invites the Agency, in the reports drafted with its thematic areas, to take into account how the Charter is being applied. The Council finally reiterates its commitment to discuss the findings and recommendations of the Agency's annual reports and, where appropriate, other reports, in the Working Party on Fundamental Rights, Citizens' Rights and Free Movement of Persons or in other preparatory bodies of the Council, depending on the subject matter of the report."

For more information, see the full Conclusions.

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