EU Borders Agency and FRA review their cooperation

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FRA Director, Morten Kjaerum, and the Executive Director of Frontex, Ilkka Laittinen, met at the EU’s borders agency, Frontex on 10 October to discuss cooperation between the two agencies.

During the meeting, both sides agreed that the FRA-Frontex cooperation agreement, which was signed in May 2010, has been largely a success in practice.

The agreement aims to mainstream fundamental rights in Frontex activities such as research, training and capacity building, risk analysis and operations. Practical examples of the interagency cooperation include:

  • Assisting in the drafting of the Frontex Fundamental Rights Strategy in 2011;
  • Developing, in cooperation with UNHCR, a tailored fundamental rights training programme for Frontex staff;
  • Contributing to fundamental rights training for border guards with IOM and UNHCR;
  • Support in FRA data collection and analysis for its work on areas in which Frontex is active, such as the treatment of third country nationals at EU borders.

 In addition, fundamental rights have been hard wired into Frontex’s amended founding regulation of October 2011. Part of this includes setting up a Consultative Forum to advise Frontex’s Executive Director and its Management Board on the fundamental rights aspects of Frontex’s activities. FRA has been actively involved in helping to shape the new forum and will attend the first meeting on 16 October. Alongside FRA, the forum will be made up of representatives from the Council of Europe, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, the UN Refugee Agency, the European Asylum Support Office, the International Organization for Migration and nine civil society organisations: European Council for Refugees and Exiles, Red Cross EU Office, Amnesty International European Institutions Office, International Catholic Migration Commission, Caritas Europa, International Commission of Jurists, Jesuit Refugee Service, Churches' Commission for Migrants in Europe and the Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants.



Cooperation Agreement between FRA and Frontex

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