Forging closer links between the FRA and the European Group of NHRIs

On 18 April, Alan Miller, Chair of the European Group of National Human Rights Institutes meet with FRA management, and with FRA project managers and team members to discuss selected areas covered by FRA's work to further develop cooperation between FRA and NHRIs.

The Chair of the European Group of NHRIs had an exchange of views with FRA project managers on Roma equality, asylum, migration and borders, rights of people with disabilities, children's rights and human rights education. Several concrete follow-up actions were agreed including inviting the FRA to the European Group of NHRIs' working groups on legal affairs, the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) and human rights education, as well as to hold annual meetings between the Chair of the European Group of NHRIs, and FRA management and project managers.