New FRA report - The Racial Equality Directive: application and challenges

This report draws on over a decade of research by the FRA and its predecessor, the European Union Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia, to give an analysis of the progress and remaining obstacles in the application of the EU directive.

The report finds that all Member States now have:

  • a legislative framework in place prohibiting racial or ethnic discrimination
  • one or more ‘equality bodies' in place with responsibility for the promotion of equality on the grounds of race and ethnicity.

Prior to the adoption of the directive, many Member States did not have a detailed legislative or institutional framework on racial discrimination.

Since the directive was adopted, policies to promote ethnic and racial equality have been introduced in the workplace by employers and through agreements with trade unions.

Video interview with FRA Seconded National Expert, Israel Butler:


The impact of the Racial Equality Directive - Strengthening the fundamental rights architecture in the EU IV

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