People with mental health problems have rights!

Today on World Mental Health Day, the FRA wishes to reaffirm its commitment to continue its work on the fundamental rights of people with mental health problems.

Today job opportunities for people with mental health problems are improving thanks to the progress made in the European Union and its Members States," said FRA Director, Morten Kjaerum. "However, there is still much to do to ensure that their rights are fulfilled in a way that allows them to fully participate in an all-inclusive society."

The FRA is currently carrying out research on the rights of people with mental health problems and of people with intellectual disabilities. The first publication of this research provided evidence that in some EU Member States the basic right to political participation is denied. On 26 October 2011 the FRA will publish a new report on the legal protection of persons with mental health problems under non-discrimination law deals with the legal barriers people with mental health problems face when accessing services.