Swift agreement on common asylum system needed

There is a strong need to find a swift agreement on the creation of a Common European Asylum System that fully respects the right to asylum and the right to liberty, says the FRA on the occasion of International Refugee Day on 20 June. These rights are legally-binding under the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.

Applying for asylum is a basic human right. We must ensure asylum seekers entering anywhere in the EU have their rights respected no matter where they arrive.” says FRA Director Morten Kjaerum.

In the wake of the Arab spring, many people fled to Europe, as is documented in this year’s Annual Report: Fundamental Rights: challenges and achievements by the FRA, which is also presented on 20 June. This fuelled public debate on asylum and underlined the urgency of establishing such a Common European Asylum System as well as the need for enhanced solidarity between EU Member States.

In the section on asylum the Annual report provides an overview of the various procedures used to appeal against a negative asylum decision by national authorities. People seeking asylum should have the possibility to stay in the country during the time of the review of their application by a court or tribunal - but in practice, this is not always ensured, particularly in accelerated procedures. Similarly, in case of transfers to another country on the basis of the Dublin regulation, a quarter of EU Member States either do not allow an appeal, or do not foresee the possibility to stay if the transfer is challenged by the applicant.

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