Conclusions on the results of FRA external evaluation adopted by Council

The Council of the European Union
The Council of the European Union
On 6 December 2013, the Justice and Home Affairs Council of the EU adopted conclusions on the evaluation of FRA.

In the Conclusions, the Council “notes that the Agency to a high extent fulfils its mandate to collect, record and analyse relevant, objective, reliable and comparable information and data relating to fundamental rights issues in the European Union and its Member States when implementing EU law”.

It also invites the Commission to examine limits of the FRA mandate (to the aim of its possible extension), and reflect upon procedures of adopting FRA’s Multiannual Framework and ways to facilitate the work of its Management Board. The Member States are to “to make full use of the Agency's expertise” as well as “to draw inspiration from practices that have proven successful as identified in the Agency’s Guide for National Liaison Officers”.

FRA itself is invited to seek close cooperation with the Member States, distinguish more clearly between advice addressed to the European Union institutions and advice addressed to the Member States, and to continue promoting dialogue and working closely with the civil society organisations in the framework of the Fundamental Rights Platform and in the context of specific projects.