Conference on ‘a Europe of equal citizens: equality, fundamental rights and the rule of law’

FRA co-organised a conference on 9-10 May in Dublin on ‘A Europe of Equal Citizens: Equality, Fundamental Rights and the Rule of Law’.

The conference was hosted by Ireland’s EU Presidency. It was organised together with FRA as well as the Irish Equality Authority and the Human Rights Commission. The conference reflected a commitment by the Irish Minister for Justice, Equality and Defence, Mr Shatter, to use the Irish Presidency of the Council of the European Union to promote discussion and debate on the protection of fundamental rights and the promotion of the rule of law in Europe. It explored ideas about how to strengthen protection of fundamental rights and equality, tackle hate crimes, homophobia, antisemitism and how to combat discrimination and promote the rule of law in the EU. In this context, the conference mapped the fundamental rights landscape at national, European and international levels. It also explored opportunities for strengthening the role of National Human Rights Institutions, Equality Bodies and civil society organisations. In addition, the discussions highlighted the need for further developing rule of law indicators, sharing best practices and objective benchmarking in line with the work of the UN, Council of Europe and others.