European Parliament hearing on the EU’s fundamental rights situation

On 5 November 2013, the FRA Director spoke to Members of the European Parliament about the fundamental rights situation in the EU. He focused on FRA’s hate crime work, drawing on the findings from its recent antisemitism and LGBT surveys. He stressed that hate crime can serve as an early indicator of society’s failure to respect fundamental rights values.

He also underlined how the fundamental rights situation on the ground is being extensively documented by FRA, the Commission, the Council of Europe and civil society. They all report on the fundamental rights challenges in Europe. However, action is needed at all levels to allow victims to turn to a safe place and to find redress. 

The hearing took place in the framework of the European Parliament’s report on fundamental rights. This fundamental rights’ hearing of the European Parliament’s LIBE Committee forms part of the on-going dialogue about the mechanisms and methods used to better safeguard the rule of law and fundamental rights in the EU. The hearing brought together EU decision makers as well as international actors, NGOs and National Human Rights Institutions to discuss how fundamental rights, democracy and the rule of law can be enhanced at the EU level.

More information about the hearing can be found on the LIBE Committee page of the European Parliament’s website.