FRA takes part in EU Agency network meeting

The FRA Director, together with the Head of Administration, joined the Heads of EU Agencies network meeting in Valenciennes (France) on 16-17 October.

During the two-day meeting relevant issues related to the work, functioning and objectives of the network were discussed. Aspects of the European's Commission’s roadmap for the follow-up to the Common Approach to EU decentralised agencies were also discussed such as model seat agreements, standard provisions for agencies’ founding acts, guidelines on prevention and management of conflict of interest, etc. Human resources, implementation of the new Staff Regulations, budgetary questions and the election of the Chair of the Network for the period 2015-2016 were also covered. During the meeting, the Director of the European Gender Institute, EIGE, Virginija Langbakk gave a presentation on improved gender balance on the boards and scientific/expert committees of EU agencies. The newly-created Permanent Secretary to the inter-agency network was also presented. FRA will be chairing the network in 2014.

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