7th meeting of the ad hoc committee of experts for Roma issues

FRA took part in the 7th meeting of the Ad hoc Committee of Experts for Roma Issues (CAHROM) organised by the Council of Europe. Representatives of the European Commission, UNDP, Open Society Foundations, Norway Grants and Roma NGOs/networks also attended the meeting in Strasbourg from 14-16 May.

FRA provided an update on the FRA Member States Ad-hoc Working Party on Roma Integration and the development of indicators to monitor the progress and implementation of National Roma Integration Strategies (the template of the Structure-Process-Outcome (S-P-O) framework of indicators on Roma inclusion), its LERI project, the upcoming reports on employment, education and gender, and the online data visualisation. FRA also had meetings with Council of Europe and European Commission on further develop coordination and cooperation our respective projects (LERI, ROMED II/ROMACT). The focus of the meeting was on the situation of Roma in Europe and recent policy developments at the national level concerning housing, Roma women including early marriages and Roma children.