Expert meeting focuses on child rights for victims of trafficking

FRA gave a keynote address during an expert meeting on child rights in Riga on 13-14 May.

The meeting was one of five being organised by the Council of Baltic Sea States Secretariat in cooperation with partners in Europe and beyond in 2014 and 2015. The aim of the meetings is to identify child rights standards and key agencies responsible for protecting children exposed to exploitation and trafficking in cross border situations.

This second expert meeting focused on “Returns and Transfers: International and European standards, procedures and safeguards for children exposed to exploitation, trafficking and children at risk”. 

FRA spoke during the session on “access to information, legal assistance for children, and the right to be heard in the host country” on the role of the guardians in promoting and safeguarding children. The presentation built on a FRA handbook that will be published in June, which aims to reinforce guardianship systems to cater to the specific needs of child victims of trafficking.