FRA’s Fundamental Rights Platform gets underway

Plenary session
Plenary session
FRA’s annual Fundamental Rights Platform (FRP) meeting has just started. This year, the focus is on “Future fundamental rights priorities in the area of freedom, security and justice – The contribution of civil society”. The plenary sessions can be watched live where can follow the panel debate on “what’s next for fundamental rights in the EU?”

Representatives from over 200 civil society organisations across the EU, as well as from EU and national institutions working on fundamental rights have gathered in Vienna for this annual flagship event.

It is an opportunity for civil society representatives to have a common voice to feed into current EU discussions on the future direction of freedom, security and justice in the EU. Such discussions are taking place during a time of institutional change as the new European Parliament and new European Commission are expected to be in place late this year.

This 7th FRP meeting should result in an overview of what civil society sees as key topics or key concerns in the areas of freedom, security and justice. It should also generate a ‘catalogue’ of practices in which civil society organisations are already, or could be, involved in making fundamental rights a reality on the ground.

Already during the morning, FRP participants visited FRA to meet with its experts and discuss issues of mutual interest. The issues included: Roma; violence against women; migrant rights and integration; child rights; rights of people with disabilities; rights of LGBT people; hate crime; data protection; freedom to conduct a business; and helping people find out about their rights.

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