OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities visits FRA

On 24 February, the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities (HCNM) Astrid Thors visited FRA to meet FRA’s new Director Michael O’Flaherty and discuss issues of common interest.

The High Commissioner Institution aims to prevent conflict at the earliest possible stage. This involves containing and de-escalating tensions involving national minorities within the OSCE area and alerting the OSCE to risks by providing early warning and early action where a situation has the potential to turn into a conflict. If an OSCE participating State is not meeting its political commitments or international norms, the High Commissioner will assist by providing analysis and recommendations.

Based on experience, the High Commissioner publishes thematic Recommendations and Guidelines that advise on common challenges and best practice. The High Commissioner also provides structural support through small collaborative projects that aim to achieve sustainability through increasing local ownership.