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Communications Heads from EU Justice and Home Affairs Agencies meet

FRA took part in the regular meeting of EU Justice and Home Affairs Agencies Heads of Communication

It was an opportunity to explore how agencies can support each other’s communications.

Raising awareness about and communicating about the start of the EU’s Entry-Exit System (EES) and European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS) was a particular focus of discussions.

They also discussed how the increased focus on security in the EU has influenced their work as communicators.

Part of meeting was dedicated to the EUAA’s Communication Multipliers’ Network. This included communicators from the migration and asylum offices and departments of EU Member States’ Interior Ministries.  The discussions ranged from migration communication, including campaigns and crises communication to the impact of artificial intelligence on communication and public relations, such as the potential for disinformation through generative AI.

The EU Asylum Agency hosted the meeting in Valletta from 8 to 9 June.