FRA Newsletter - October 2009

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FRA Newsletter October 2009

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FRA launched report on child trafficking in the EU

The Agency presented its report Child Trafficking in the EU: Challenges, perspectives and good practices at a press conference in Brussels on 7 July. In response to a request by the European Commission, the report examines relevant legal instruments at EU and national level, as well as judicial data and case law, with the aim of developing opinions and conclusions regarding child trafficking. It also provides a number of examples of good practices in various EU Member States. The report was well received amongst stakeholders as well as media institutions, which in turn should help make the combating of child trafficking an issue of public debate, adding momentum to the FRA's call for action..

FRA maps out human rights education to plan future activities

The FRA met with an expert team to discuss its preparatory study for future FRA activities on human rights education (see work programme 2009). The study will research existing human rights education initiatives in areas of the FRA's mandate and work, identify how the Agency can contribute further to these initiatives, and gather stakeholder views with regards to the Agency's future work in this area. The results of this study will form the basis for an integration of fundamental rights education activities in the Agency's programme of work where relevant and appropriate.

Seminar on teaching about the Holocaust

The Agency, in cooperation with Yad Vashem, organised a seminar on teaching about the Holocaust within a wider context of human rights and multicultural education (24-28 August). The seminar is part of the Agency's project to set up a network of educators who raise awareness of human rights while teaching about the Holocaust. The next meeting of the network will take place in November 2009. It will review projects and methodologies used, with a view to developing a draft toolkit on Holocaust and human rights education.

Advisory Panel of the Fundamental Rights Platform takes off

The Agency hosted the first meeting of the Advisory Panel of the Fundamental Rights Platform (FRP) on 6-7 September. The meeting brought together the nine members of the Advisory Panel elected at the meeting of the FRP in May 2009. The discussion covered the methods and strategic aim of the cooperation between the Agency and civil society, the role and involvement of civil society organisations in activities of the FRA, the modus operandi of the cooperation between the FRA and the FRP, and the procedure and timeline for the election of the Advisory Panel. The meeting also discussed the re-opening of the call for application for new members of the FRP, which will be launched soon. The next FRP meeting will take place in the second half of April 2010.

Journalists and fundamental rights: FRA teams up with Council of Europe "Speak out against Discrimination" campaign

Through its pilot media research study, the FRA studied how minorities and diversity issues are reported in print media in six EU Member States. The study - soon to be published - will conclude that the quality of reporting could be improved by more and better training for journalists on fundamental rights. Accordingly, the Agency will cooperate with the Council of Europe's "Speak out against Discrimination" campaign on media training on fundamental rights, diversity, and particularly intercultural dialogue. In conjunction with campaign, the Agency will host a workshop for journalism schools and media training institutions in November, in order to discuss how to strengthen journalistic training in relation to fundamental rights.

2. Key upcoming FRA Publications

Roundtable on FRA report on housing conditions of Roma, 20 October, Brussels

The FRA will launch its report on "The housing conditions of Roma and Travellers in the EU" at a Roundtable event on the same issue to take place on 20 October in Brussels. With the latest data provided in the European Union Minorities and Discrimination Survey (EU-MIDIS) indicating that little progress has been made in tackling discrimination of Roma in access to housing in the EU, the Roundtable offers an opportunity for European, local, regional and national policy makers, civil society organisations and experts to gather comparative knowledge, discuss the latest challenges and share examples of best practice.

Other upcoming FRA publications (2009)

  • EU-MIDIS (European Union Minorities and Discrimination Survey)
    • Main report
    • Data in Focus Report: Multiple Discrimination
  • Roma Freedom of Movement
  • Comparative study regarding discrimination on grounds of race and ethnicity in the area of employment
  • Racism & Social Marginalisation
  • Pilot Media Project
  • Data Protection Institutions and Measures
  • S'cool Agenda 2010

3. Key upcoming FRA Events

Conference "Towards EU Global Action against Trafficking in Human Beings", 19-20 October, Brussels

The FRA has joined forces with the Swedish Presidency in the organisation of the Ministerial high-level conference "Towards EU Global Action against Trafficking in Human Beings", organised by the Swedish Ministry of Justice in cooperation with IOM (International Organisation for Migration) Vienna and with financial support from the European Commission (DG JLS) under the "Prevention of and Fight Against Crime Programme 2008". The FRA will be chairing the specific working session discussing the issue of child trafficking and will present the recommendations of its recently published study on Child Trafficking.

Other upcoming FRA events in 2009

  • Workshop with equality bodies on making better use of new media tools for communications work (jointly hosted by the FRA and the Equality and Human Rights Commission), 20-21 October, London
  • Final conference of Joint Action of FRA, CoE and OSCE on Roma freedom of movement/Engaging with Romani women, 9-10 November, Vienna
  • Workshop for public service broadcasters on the FRA media diversity toolkit (jointly organised with the European Broadcasting Union), 12-13 November, Athens
  • FRA and Committee of the Regions Annual Dialogue on multilevel protection and promotion of fundamental rights, 13 November, Brussels
  • EU Equality Summit (with FRA participation), 16-17 November, Stockholm
  • Diversity Day event, 18 November, Berlin
  • Seminar on human rights education and lessons from the Holocaust, 23-24 November, Vienna
  • Workshop with schools of journalism on diversity training for media (jointly hosted by the FRA and the Council of Europe), 26-27 November, Vienna
  • Diversity Day event, 30 November, Barcelona
  • Diversity Day event, 3 December, Vienna "
  • "Making Rights a Reality for All" - 2nd FRA Fundamental Rights Conference (co-hosted with Swedish Presidency of the EU), 10-11 December, Stockholm
  • 8th Management Board meeting, 14-15 December, Vienna