FRA Newsletter - September 2012

11/09/2012 - September 2012

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11 - 13 September 2012 : FRA presents findings of first disability project

06 - 07 December 2012 : Pre-announcing the Fundamental Rights Conference 2012

FRA antisemitism survey now open (03 September, Vienna)

From 3 September, Jewish people in nine EU Member States can participate in FRA’s survey on their experiences and perceptions of antisemitism. FRA has launched an online survey in nine EU Member States to capture Jewish people’s experiences and perceptions of antisemitism and help combat antisemitism.

Charter 4 Mobile website Events and launches: Highlights

Anyone interested in fundamental rights in the EU can have easy access to the text of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights in all official languages on their mobile device. Additional practical information which is regularly updated is also provided in a mobile-friendly format. Access the mobile website on your mobile device >>

Open call to civil society organisations for applications to participate in the Fundamental Rights Platform (09 July)

The Fundamental Rights Agency is inviting non-governmental organisations and other civil society institutions, active in the field of fundamental rights at national, European and international level to apply to participate in the Fundamental Rights Platform (FRP).

93,000 people take part in FRA’s LGBT survey, making it the largest of its kind worldwide (10 August)

Some 93,000 respondents participated in a FRA survey of the discrimination faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people on a daily basis, making it the biggest such study worldwide. The final survey results will be presented on the next International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia, which takes place on 17 May 2013.

Report of the 3rd Annual FRA Symposium on data protection now available (08 August)

In May 2012, FRA held its 3rd annual symposium on data protection. This year's event focused on the fundamental rights dimension of the Data Protection Reform package, which the European Commission proposed in January 2012.



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