Massimo Toschi (PhD)

His areas of expertise with respect to FRA’s work include: international cooperation with the UN, the European Commission and civil society organisations; rights of the child. He has managed several projects in areas such as democracy and human rights and child protection in eastern Europe, central Asia and within the EU. He previously worked with the UN, as Child Protection Advisor and Chief of Child Protection Unit for the UN Peace-Keeping Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH).

He has published several articles and books on children’s rights, and children and armed conflict  including Toschi, M. (2002) ‘I bambini e il traffico della droga nelle favelas di Rio de Janeiro’ Cittadini in Crescita Anno 3/n.2 and Toschi, M. (2001) Chronology of the Legal Evolution of Children's Rights: De L'amour Vers Le Respect, European Forum for Child Welfare. He also contributed a chapter to the book Carrisi. G. (2006) Kalami va alla guerra, i bambini soldato, Ed. Ancora.  He has been a visiting lecturer on children’s rights at various universities both in the USA and in Europe.