Report - thematic


Racism, discrimination, intolerance and extremism: learning from experiences in Greece and Hungary

Report - thematic
This thematic situation report examines the effectiveness of responses by public authorities, civil society organisations and others to counter racism, discrimination, intolerance and extremism in Greece and Hungary. The report goes on to make proposals for fighting racist crime, increasing trust in the police, and combating extremism throughout the EU.

Coping with a fundamental rights emergency - The situation of persons crossing the Greek land border in an irregular manner

Report - thematic
EU Member State border authorities are facing difficulties at points of entry into the EU due to a rising influx of irregular migrants. The study is based on field research carried out by the FRA in January 2011 and describes the fundamental rights situation of persons irregularly entering the EU's external border between Greece and Turkey.

The duty to inform applicants about asylum procedures: The asylum-seeker perspective

Report - thematic
A fair asylum procedure is one where applicants know their rights and duties, and where they understand its different stages. The right to be informed at decisive moments of the procedure is an important element of procedural fairness. Drawing on evidence from interviews with almost 900 asylum seekers, this report examines the information that asylum seekers have on the asylum procedure. In particular, it looks at the main source of information for asylum seekers, which type of information they receive, and when and how they receive it.

Consultation on FRA work on Roma and Travellers - Final consultation report

Report - thematic
In order to enhance its work and develop a new strategy on addressing the situation of Roma and Travellers communities, the FRA has consulted in 2008 with a selected number of organisations actively involved in work on Roma and Travellers issues and are familiar with the work already undertaken by the Agency. The Council of Europe, the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), the Decade of Roma Inclusion, the European Commission and the European level organisations representing Roma and Traveller interests and/or engaging on behalf of the Roma and Traveller communities have been included through questionnaire consultation and were invited to take part at the FRA Roma Consultative meeting on 9 July 2008. This FRA Report presents the results of this consultation process.

Majorities’ Attitudes towards Migrants and Minorities: Key findings from the Eurobarometer and the European Social Survey

Report - thematic
In 2003 the Agency commissioned a research team from the University of Nijmegen in the Netherlands (NISCO) to conduct a major analysis of data from the 2003 Eurobarometer Survey and the 2003 European Social Survey on attitudes towards minorities and migrants in different European countries. The researchers also compared the findings of the 2003 Eurobarometer with results of earlier Eurobarometer Surveys. The research team produced a statistical analysis, written up as four reports.

The Fight against Antisemitism and Islamophobia: Bringing Communities together - A Summary of three Round Table Meetings

Report - thematic
Concern about the reported rise in Antisemitism and Islamophobia in Europe following the September 11 terrorist attacks against the US, led the Agency together with the European Commission to organise a series of Round Tables on these themes.
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