Victims’ rights and under-reporting: cooperation between national human rights institutions, equality bodies and civil society

FRP meeting 2011

National human rights institutions, equality bodies as well as civil society organisations play a vital role protecting and promoting fundamental rights. How can we make the best use of synergies between their activities? What are the concrete cooperation possibilities in different areas of work? In order to open new opportunities for cooperation, national human rights institutions and equality bodies will also join the meeting. Drawing on the results of numerous FRA studies, the discussions will address common challenges and explore solutions related to the rights of victims, access to justice and under-reporting. Discussions will start out in a panel debate with guest speakers and FRP participants, which will be followed by interactive discussions with the audience.

Multiple discrimination: mainstreaming intersectionality into fundamental rights work

Discrimination all too often takes place on multiple grounds. However, so-called multiple discrimination is not recognised in legal provisions on either EU or national levels and is therefore difficult to address in practice. This session aims to raise awareness about the vulnerabilities resulting from the intersection of ethnic origin, age, gender, gender identity, disability, sexual orientation and religion. It will seek to explore the need for action from European to grassroots levels. Discussions will highlight some practical challenges in providing adequate protection against discrimination. Furthermore, the panel debate will address existing legal gaps and ask how civil society organisations and other actors in the fundamental rights field can address the issue of discrimination on multiple grounds more effectively in their work.

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