About the 2011 FRA Symposium

'Fundamental rights indicators' can be applied to many areas. To facilitate the discussions, the Symposium will focus on the potential use of indicators to measure the implementation of fundamental rights in five key areas.


The five key areas have been considered as they are part of the FRA's own thematic priorities and are particularly vulnerable to rights violations.

Symposium outcomes

The Symposium will explore how indicators could help measure the effectiveness of EU action and related national policies that have been put in place to address specific fundamental rights issues. As a result, the discussions will generate policy-relevant insights on the use of various types of qualitative and quantitative indicators (structural, process and outcome) to help guide the implementation of the Charter.

The FRA will also integrate the outcome of the 2011 Symposium into a variety of FRA projects, including its Annual Report on fundamental rights.

FRA 2010 Annual Report


FRA has pioneered innovative ways of compiling and collecting data on equality and fundamental rights, in particular through the European Union Minorities and Discrimination Survey (EU-MIDIS), as well as its recent surveys on Roma and violence against women.