This Toolkit is released as an online beta version. Teachers are invited to share their experiences in using this Toolkit by emailing one of the project contacts.

The FRA and Yad Vashem would be pleased to receive feedback on the Toolkit from teachers and other practitioners. The evaluation and feedback will serve as a basis for developing the Toolkit further. 

Potential evaluation criteria: 

  • What elements of the Toolkit were helpful for your work?
  • What elements of the Toolkit did you consider as problematic or not applicable?
  • Ability to understand what human rights are and what is a role of an individual in protecting human rights.
  • Increased knowledge of the Holocaust.
  • Gained knowledge about the national human rights context and organizations dedicated to Holocaust education.
  • Ability to develop own project of Holocaust Education and Human Rights Education
  • Skills to take action for human rights.

Evaluation by Educators (pdf)

Evaluation by Participants (pdf)

Tool for a critical evaluation by the students (pdf)