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NCHR is a statutory National Human Rights Institution having a consultative status with the Greek State on issues pertaining to human rights protection and promotion. The creation of NCHR emanated from the need to monitor developments regarding human rights protection at the domestic and international level, to inform Greek public opinion on human rights-related issues and, above all, to provide guidelines to the Greek State aimed at the establishment of a modern, principled policy of human rights protection. The creation of the  NCHR was based on the Paris Principles, adopted by the United Nations and the Council of Europe.

The Greek National Commission for Human Rights (GNCHR)

Neofytou Vamva 6
10674  Athens, Greece
Tel: +30 210 72 33 221
Fax: +30 210 72 33 217




The Jewish Museum of Greece is an educational center about the Jewish people in Greece, and their history, culture and traditions through artifacts, as well as teaching students about the Holocaust. The museum uses Holocaust education to discuss current issues like racism, discrimination, and civic responsibility.



Jewish Museum of Greece

Nikis 39, Athens 105 57
Tel.: +30 210 32 25 582
Fax: +30 210 32 31 577



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