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The Ministry of National Resources oversees the curriculum for Holocaust Education and provides professional development support for teachers.



Ministry of National Resources

Address: Ministry of National Resources
1051 Budapest,
Arany János u. 6-8
Tel: +36 1 795-1100



The primary task of the Holocaust Memorial Center is to incorporate the topic of the Holocaust and related social issues in the Hungarian educational system.The Center offers a museum pedagogical program that applies an interdisciplinary approach, modern museum pedagogy, and dialogue-centered informal pedagogical methods and organizes refresher courses for schoolteachers.

Holocaust Documentation Center
and Memorial Collection Public Foundation

Address: Holocaust Documentation Center
and Memorial Collection Public Foundation
H-1094 Budapest,
39 Páva St

Tel: +36 1 455 33 33

Fax: +36 1 455 33 99



Human Rights in Hungary.

There are several actors in the field working on a range of issues. Essentially there is a combination of human rights defenders ad promoters from the government side to the NGOs side.  A few examples of the key actors are presented below.



This office is under the supervision of Parliament and is tasked to among other things: investigate petitions from citizens; supervision of data control; keep the data protection register; propose legislation/amendments of laws, supervise justifications of the scope of state and official secrets; promote the culture and knowledge of fundamental rights.


Hungarian Parliamentary Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information


u. 22
H-1051 Budapest,
Tel: +36 1 475 7186

Anybody, who feels that in consequence of a proceeding, decision or the omission in certain specific instances, caused the violation of any constitutional rights or the threat of this is immediate, may apply to the ombudsman

Parliamentary Commissioner for Civil Rights

Országgyűlési Biztosok Hivatala
1387 Budapest Pf. 40.

Tel:+36 1 475 7100

22 Nádor str


This is an independent organization, which was set up by the Hungarian Government to receive and deal with individual and public complaints about unequal treatment and to implement the principles of equality and non discrimination. It is open to receive complaints from natural or legal persons.

Equal Treatment Authority

Budapest 1024. Margit krt. 85
Tel:+336-7843, 336-7851
Post Office Addressk:
Pf. 672. Budapest 1539

Website: http//


The ERRC is an international public interest law organisation working to combat anti-Romani racism and human rights abuse of Roma through strategic litigation, research and policy development, advocacy and Human Rights Education

European Roma Rights Center (ERRC)

Naphegy tér 8
H-1016 Budapest

Tel:  +36.1.413.2200

The Open Society Justice Initiative uses law to protect and empower people around the world. Through litigation, advocacy, research, and technical assistance, the Justice Initiative promotes human rights and builds legal capacity for open societies. We foster accountability for international crimes, combat racial discrimination and statelessness, support criminal justice reform, address abuses related to national security and counterterrorism, expand freedom of information and expression, and stem corruption linked to the exploitation of natural resources. Our staff are based in Abuja, Amsterdam, Bishkek, Brussels, Budapest, Freetown, The Hague, London, Mexico City, New York, Paris, Phnom Penh, Santo Domingo and Washington, D.C.

Open Society Justice Initiative

Oktober 6. u. 12
1051 Budapest, Hungary
Tel: +36 1 327 3100
Fax: +36 1 327 3103







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