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About the Fundamental Rights Conferences (FRC)

Morten Kjaerum speaking at the FRC 2009
The Fundamental Rights Conferences (FRC) create a space for policy-makers, experts and human rights defenders to examine key fundamental rights challenges and develop courses of action that better guarantee their protection.

The FRC intends to be:

  • A forum to pool knowledge on fundamental rights and to share experience on developing good practices;
  • A catalyst for developing an evidence-based approach to decision-making and practice;
  • An opportunity to forge strategic partnerships between fundamental rights actors from local to supranational level.


The FRC brings together around 250-300 experts from national governments, EU bodies, intergovernmental organisations, local authorities, civil society and specialised bodies on human rights.

Previous events

Find more information on the previous Fundamental Rights Conference in 2009 and 2008 in the previous events section.