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2009 Fundamental Rights Conference - 'Making rights a reality for all'

Fundamental Rights Conference closes with call for inclusion of marginalised groups

2009 FRC broucher - 'Making rights a reality for all'Empowering marginalised communities to participate in policy making, mainstreaming human rights into policy and legislation and improving monitoring, strengthening redress and victim support mechanisms, as well as continuous human rights training for public employees: these were some of the suggestions put forward by the participants of the Fundamental Rights Conference (FRC) 2009.

The Conference brought together 230 representatives of national governments, EU institutions, NGOs, social partners, data collection and monitoring bodies, intergovernmental organisations, national human rights institutions and equality bodies from across the European Union.

Awareness – the first step to realising rights

Fundamental Rights Conference - Panel debate"Making Rights a Reality for All" was the theme of the FRC 2009, organised by the FRA in cooperation with the Swedish Presidency of the EU. The conference was held in Stockholm on 10-11 December 2009. The focus was on identifying solutions to protect and promote the rights of persons most vulnerable to discrimination and exclusion in the EU.

In the context of the recently released results of the FRA's EU-MIDIS survey and other FRA reports, issues of particular note include the situation of Roma, access to justice and other basic rights, as well as freedom of movement. Alarming statistics reveal that many vulnerable groups are unaware of the rights to which they are entitled under EU and national anti-discrimination legislation. The conference therefore highlighted the importance of placing awareness raising at the centre of the agenda for fundamental rights in 2010 and beyond.

Kjaerum: “Marginalised groups are denied right to equality”

Morten Kjaerum”82% of the EU-MIDIS respondents who were discriminated against in the past 12 months did not report their most recent experience of discrimination anywhere”, warned FRA Director Morten Kjaerum in his opening remarks. “The result: those who discriminate can act with impunity, and significant parts of our population do not access justice.

Read the speech of Morten Kjaerum [EN] (PDF)