Your rights matter: Data protection and privacy - Fundamental Rights Survey

This document presents data from the FRA Fundamental Rights Survey. It includes data on opinions and experiences of people in the European Union (EU) linked to data protection and technology.

The Fundamental Rights Survey provides, for the first time, a comprehensive set of comparable data on people’s experiences and opinions concerning their fundamental rights. The survey focuses on everyday situations in areas including data protection, equal treatment, access to justice, consumer rights, crime victimisation, good administration and the importance of protecting rights.

The document covers selected results related to data protection and technology. FRA will publish results on other areas in other reports and products.

This document focuses on two main aspects: the way and willingness of people to share data about themselves, and their awareness about the EU data protection legal framework. Each section includes a short overview of relevant GDPR provisions, followed by the survey results.

In the tabs in this section you can find graphs showing results from the survey on:

For more information about the survey methodology please see the the Fundamental Rights Survey project page.

Sharing data online
Smartphone settings
GDPR & Data Protection Authorities