Upcoming products in 2023

A list of key FRA products scheduled for 2023.

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FRA Calendar 2023
Date  Title Type
Quarter 1    
2 February Cities’ role in welcoming displaced people from Ukraine Online
22 February Underpinning victims’ rights: support services, reporting and protection Report
28 February FRA Survey on displaced persons fleeing the war in Ukraine Report
2 March Guardianship e-learning tool and Trainer’s manual Online/Guide
20 March Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities: Human rights indicators Guide
March Roma survey 2021
Data explorer Roma survey 2021
Technical report
Quarter 2    
April Charter e-learning course translations (9 languages) Online/Guide
24 May Surveillance by intelligence services: fundamental rights safeguards and remedies in the EU – Update 2023 Online
30 May Asylum and migration: Progress achieved and remaining challenges Report
8 June Fundamental Rights Report 2023 Report
14 June Barriers to employment of displaced Ukrainians - Joint Eurofound publication Report
15 June Consolidated Annual Activity Report 2022 Report
Quarter 3    
6 July Preventing and responding to deaths at sea: what the European Union can do Online report
11 July Protecting human rights defenders at risk: EU entry, stay and support Online report
6 September Fundamental rights of long-term residents in the EU Report
13 September Fundamental rights of older persons in digital societies: ensuring equal access Online report
29 September Bulletin #3 - The Russian war of aggression against Ukraine: The broad fundamental rights impact in the EU Online report
Quarter 4    
11 October NGO ships involved in search and rescue in the Mediterranean and legal proceedings against them – Update 2023 Online report
12 October Practical Tool for Guardians: The Asylum Procedure (Joint with EUAA) Report
12 October Practical Tool for Guardians: Introduction to International Protection(Joint with EUAA) Report
18 October Civic space in the EU 2022 - Update Paper
25 October Being Black in the EU Report
31 October The European Border and Coast Guard and fundamental rights Report
7 November Antisemitism - Update of data available in the EU Paper
16 November Anti-Muslim hatred database - 2023 Update Online
22 November Forced return monitoring systems – Update 2022 Online report
29 November Online content moderation – current challenges in detecting hate speech Report
12 December Local efforts to integrate displaced persons fleeing the Russian invasion of Ukraine: challenges and promising practices Online report
December Providing technical assistance to national bodies involved in assessing fundamental rights compliance of EU funds Online report
January Mapping of national child protection systems - update Online
January Annual update on the status of NHRIs, building on the 2020 FRA report on NHRIs and SCA Review process Online report
January Business and human rights: Consumer protection and the environment Online report
Q1 Addressing discriminatory policing with respect to racism Report