The FRA’s Founding Regulation states that the Agency shall be headed by a Director, appointed by the Management Board for a period of five years. This term may be extended once for not more than three years.

The interim Director of FRA is Constantinos Manolopoulos, the Head of FRA’s Administration Department, until a new Director is appointed. More information about Mr Manolopoulos can be found on the FRA Management Team page.

Selection procedure for a new FRA Director

The vacancy notice was published in the Official Journal of the European Union on 10 October 2014 and closed on 7 November. The selection procedure follows the procedure outlined in FRA’s Founding Regulation. This includes:

  • Shortlisting by the European Commission on the basis of the candidates’ personal merit, experience in fundamental rights, and their administrative and management skills;
  • Questions and answers sessions before the Council of the EU and a European Parliament Committee, from which both bodies will give their opinions on the candidates and their orders of preference;
  • The final decision by FRA’s Management Board taking these opinions into consideration.
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