From wrongs to rights - Ending severe labour exploitation

Joint event
As workers in the EU are still severely exploited, FRA is jointly organising a high-level conference 'From wrongs to rights - Ending severe labour exploitation' in Brussels on 25 June.

FRA organises the conference in cooperation with the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the EU, the European Economic Area/Norway Grants and the Council Secretariat.

Almost 240 workers across diverse sectors - construction, manufacturing, agriculture, services in hotels, car washes, beauty studios and providing care in people's homes - shared their experiences with FRA in face-to-face interviews and focus groups.

They included people from non-EU countries who came to the EU, as well as EU nationals who moved to another EU country to work. During the event FRA will present the key findings of its study based on the victims experiences. 

Over 100 key stakeholders from governments, national human rights institutions, equality bodies, EU institutions, civil society and professional groups, as well as rights holders themselves, will explore possible courses of action and promising practices to address severe labour exploitation at the European level.

The conference will take place at the Press Room of the Europa Building in Brussels.



Watch video on Severe labour exploitation - Report findings: