How to use this tool

Clarity will allow you to identify the most appropriate non-judicial body to help you when you feel that your rights have been violated.

The following video explains how to use the tool:

To find out who can help you with your fundamental rights problem go to the Tool section. Here, you will be asked questions about your problem. Choose the most relevant answer from the list of choices. Note that there is an “i” icon next to each answer. Clicking on this icon will open a box containing a short explanation of the question together with examples.

You will be asked the following:

  1. to select the country where the violation occurred, regardless of your own nationality or legal status in that country;
  2. to select a general theme corresponding to the type of fundamental rights violation;
  3. to select the specific aspect of the theme;
  4. to indicate whether the violation has been committed by a private or public body.

Clarity will then provide you with the name of one or more non-judicial bodies that will be able to solve or further guide you in your problem. In some cases you will be able to send your answers directly to these bodies together with your contact details. If not, it will list the relevant contact details so you can contact them yourself.

Remember, you can always submit fundamental rights’ complaints to national courts and if you are a victim of crime you can also contact the police.

As well as the tool itself, a list of non-judicial bodies dealing with fundamental rights in each Member State is provided as well as guidance on available EU and international complaints bodies. You can also find additional information on how to use Clarity on our frequently asked questions page. Please don't hesitate to contact us to report any technical issues.