On 24 – 25 October, FRA took part in the EIGE Gender Equality Forum, organised by the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) in Brussels.
On 21 October, FRA presented the interim findings of its project on the role of national bodies with a human rights remit in the monitoring of EU funds at an Equinet workshop.
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On 20 October, FRA attended a presentation on data collection developed by the Research Institute for Labor and Social Affairs in Czechia. The project, funded by the EEA and Norway Grants, aims to improve data collection on Roma in Czechia.
On 20 October, FRA Director delivered a keynote speech at a joint meeting of Ariadne and Assifero, the Italian network of foundations of non-banking origin. The event aimed at bringing human rights issues to the attention of Italian foundations and encouraging them to engage with these concerns at national, European, or international levels.
In this video, several human rights leaders, experts and activists share their views on the impact of disinformation on human rights and the ways to address this phenomenon.
Michael O’Flaherty
FRA Director, Michael O'Flaherty delivers his speech on combatting hate crime against LGBTI people during an event organised by the Ireland's Presidency of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe. The event took place in Dublin on 27 October 2022.
The European Commission, in cooperation with FRA, is holding a national dialogue on the rule of law in Germany.
FRA’s Director will deliver a keynote speech on 27 October in Dublin at a Council of Europe European Roundtable event.
FRA will launch findings from its Roma survey report during the European Platform for Roma Inclusion meeting.
On 25 October, FRA will join discussions on the 100th Migration Preparedness and Crisis Blueprint report on the current situation at the EU borders with Ukraine.
Roma in ganz Europa leben noch immer in prekären Verhältnissen. Sechs Jahre nach der letzten Erhebung der Agentur der Europäischen Union für Grundrechte (FRA) sind die Lebensumstände von Roma-Familien nach wie vor schockierend und ihre Bildungs- und Beschäftigungsaussichten schlecht. Die Erkenntnisse aus diesem neuen FRA-Bericht, der Fortschritte und Lücken bei der Roma-Integration aufzeigt, sollen in nationale Bemühungen für Chancengleichheit, Integration und Teilhabe der Roma einfließen.
FRA will take part in a meeting of the Working Group on the European Child Guarantee on 24 October.
FRA spoke at a hearing of a European Parliament working group on access to funding for civil society.
Michael O’Flaherty
FRA Director, Michael O'Flaherty delivers his speech during a joint event of Ariadne and Assifero, the Italian network of foundations of non-banking origin. The event took place in Duino, Italy, on 21 October 2022.
FRA co-chaired the Frontex Consultative Forum meeting together with the UN Refugee Agency.
On 21 October, FRA will add concluding remarks during a launch event on how cities operationalise the Leave no one behind principle in their local policies.
FRA presented the Swedish results of the Roma and Travellers survey in Stockholm on 14 October.
The Russian invasion of Ukraine triggered solidarity from EU governments, local authorities and society as they welcomed more than 7 million people fleeing the aggression. With fundamental rights ensured by law, practical challenges remain. The latest Ukraine bulletin from the EU Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) explores the broad fundamental rights implications of the war within the EU, and its consequences for every single EU Member State.
FRA will hold its regular meeting with the National Liaison Officers in Vienna.
Michael O'Flaherty
FRA Director, Michael O'Flaherty, delivered a keynote speech at the European Police Chiefs Convention in the Hague. He gave the speech on 5 October 2022.